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Fredrik in Wind (#1097)

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Fredrik in Wind

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London, 2005. My friend Fredrik.

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heather said:
2584 days ago

this is a strong photo. unconventional and emotional. i love it. enjoyed perusing your older stuff as well. nice work.

Tristan said:
2582 days ago

Love the vignetted blur - lensbaby?

Adrian Hancu said:
2582 days ago

Nice shot!
Love the photoblog, by the way.

Brandon Stone said:
2582 days ago

Thanks! Yep... this is a Lensbaby.

adssd said:
2580 days ago


Abhijit said:
2580 days ago

Lovely image. Liked the motion and the mood!

fredrik said:
2578 days ago

hey that's me!;)

Nathan said:
2577 days ago

hey that´s my birthday!;)

Will Williams said:
2573 days ago

interesting mix between the sweet spot and the motion blur, I like the combo you've done.

Miki said:
2568 days ago

Very powerful image!

ndiginiz said:
2568 days ago

Tena koe ehoa
The effect is strong almost to strong in that the impression of wind has been desensitised with the radial effect of the LB blur. However I absolutely love the tones, especially the darker ones.

aaron said:
2565 days ago

He looks to have a crown of thorns. Nice shot,

Turfdigger said:
2563 days ago

Bursting with energy - fantastic capture of The Man from Smudo.

Gravecat said:
2559 days ago

Great shot, I love the lens blur. :)

sdf said:
2295 days ago


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